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Zoom Italia
"You can almost feel the underlying pulsation of these places, the breathing of the absent musicians and the energy of the music wafting in the air. The complete silence promotes peaceful reflection and elevates us. Alone, center-stage, we feel part of a fluid whole. With Ertug, we enter into a state of privileged meditation that borders on Zen philosophy. Hypnotized by the red seats, the stage and myriad decorations, we open body and soul to receive good feelings. As a chorus, we sing our thanks to “conductor” Ertug for what he has been able to evoke through his harmonious art that soothes the soul."
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"Within this oversize volume are Ertug’s dazzling images of the glorious foyer of the Palais Garnier in Paris; the bird-cage glory of the Floral Hall at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; the bosomy marble caryatids encircling the first balcony of the Prague State Opera House, and finally, the pristine modernism of the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, its sleek white stone and glass exterior hiding a warm auditorium glowing with dark wood and crimson seats."
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Ann Arbor
"Ertug’s talent is well matched to his wondrous topic. As Todd Gerring, Kelsey community outreach supervisor, says in his exhibition statement, “Ertug’s photographs highlight some of the most important sacred narratives that persisted throughout the centuries in Byzantine art: the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Crucifixion, Christ’s ‘Anastasis’ (‘the Harrowing of Hell,’ or Christ’s release of figures from the gates of Hell), and the ‘Deësis’ (the figure of Christ flanked by the entreating figures of the Virgin and John the Baptist)."
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Canvas Magazine
"For over 30 years, Turkish photographer Ahmet Ertug has been photographing some of the world’s most beautiful structures. With a keen eye and highly developed aesthetic sense, each shot is a precise composition which combines Japanese symmetry with the ability to imbue each shot with a sense of timelessness."
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The International Herald Tribune
"Sacred Art of Cappadocia: Byzantine Murals from the 6th to 13th centuries": "A new type of art book combining superlative quality photography printed at immense cost and rigorous scholarly investigation by international specialists has seen the light of day. The concept might revolutionize the entire industry. >Click here to read the article    > Click here to view the book.

Le Monde
"Spiritual Journey: Sacred Art from Musée Guimet ""Undoubtedly one of the finest publications of the year, one almost needs a reading stand to pore through the pages of this massive book. Even non-experts will be able to feel the aesthetic spirituality of the sculptures photographed by Ahmet Ertug and will be happy in the knowledge of finally being able to understand all the theories concerning these gods and divinities that are so little known in the West." > Click here to view the book

"As Jacques Chirac notes in his preface, this book will take you on a mystical journey through ancient Asia. Publisher and photographic artist Ahmet Ertug has said that he had spent twenty years looking forward to photographing the collections of the Musée Guimet. He has indeed put his art to work to reveal all the mystery, three-dimensionality, and beauty of the objects. This is not just a "beautiful book", it's a "jewel of a book". > Click here to visit the book section

Le Figaro
"Becoming acquainted with the collections of the Musée Guimet was something that strongly appealed to photographic artist Ahmet Ertug. This book was three years in the making and you can see the results in this issue of our magazine. The Guimet's masterpieces have never been photographed with so much passion. It is possible to set out on a spiritual journey of one's own just through these photographs." > Click here to visit the book section

Le Figaro
"Ahmet Ertug a photographié quelques-uns de ces «temples du savoir» que sont les bibliothèques anciennes. Exposé à la Bibliothèque nationale de France, son travail nous entraîne de la Prusse profonde aux rives du Portugal et des plaines milanaises à l'est de l'Irlande." > Click here to read the article

This site contains selections of the work by world renowned photographer Ahmet Ertug, whose camera takes the viewer through a fantastic world of aesthetics:Great architectural monuments like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the 13th century mosaics of Chora and the 6-13th century frescoes of Cappadocia, the sublime buildings of Sinan, 16th century Iznik tiles, Ottoman sultans' silk kaftans, the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, and Buddha statues from Musée Guimet are all photographed with great passion.

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