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This site contains selections of the work by world renowned photographer Ahmet Ertug, whose camera takes the viewer through a fantastic world of aesthetics:Great architectural monuments like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the 13th century mosaics of Chora and the 6-13th century frescoes of Cappadocia, the sublime buildings of Sinan, 16th century Iznik tiles, Ottoman sultans' silk kaftans, the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, and Buddha statues from Musée Guimet are all photographed with great passion.

Copyright Ahmet Ertug 2008
Sinan- An Architectural Genius Hagia Sophia Chora-The Scroll of Heaven Gardens of Paradise Silks For Sultans Spiritual Journey Turkish Carpets Anatolian Carpets In pursuit of Excelence Sculpted for Eternity The Seljuks Reflections of Paradise Panoramic Landscapes of Cappadocia Ephesos Sacred Art of Cappadocia Aphrodisias City & Sculpture Domes Temples of Knowledge, The Most Beautiful Libraries of The Western World Istanbul, Capital of Empires Voyage Pittoresque Melchior Lorichs Panorama of Istanbul 1559 Suleyman the MagnificentSurname-i Vehbi