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Permanent Exhibition at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Permanent Exhibition at Ephesos Museum, Vienna


"Libraries: Temples of Knowledge" Blibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris, 2009
"Ephesos:Architecture,Monuments and Sculpture" Ephesos Museum, Vienna, 2008

"Celsus Library,Ephesos" Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, 2008

"Seraglio and Beyond" Elipsis Gallery, Istanbul, 2007

"Vaults of Heaven: Sanctuaries of Byzantium",World Monuments Fund Gallery, New York, 2006

"Spiritual Journey:Sacred Art from Musee Guimet",Musee Guimet Paris, 2004
"Spiritual Journey:Sacred Art from Musee Guimet" Ben Janssens Oriental Art Gallery/ exhibition
and book launching hosted by Cartier, London, 2005

"Spiritual Journey:Sacred Art from Musee Guimet" Patrick Derom Gallery, Brussels,
during Brussels Oriental Art Fair III, June 2007

"The Architectural Genius of Sinan" Bernard Shapero Rare Books, London, 2005

"Voyage mystique- Secrets de Byzance et reves ottomans", La Conciergerie, Paris, 2005"

Exhibition of Byzantine,Ottoman and Asian art photographs, Art Curial Art Gallery, Paris

"Architectural Heritage in Istanbul and Edirne", Topkapı Palace second courtyard, Istanbul, 2004

"Chora :The Scroll of Heaven" The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, 2003

"Sculptured for Eternity" Topkap? Palace first courtyard, Istanbul, 2003

"Panaromic Landscapes of Cappadocia" exhibition of photographs for the book launching, Istanbul, 2003

"Sculpture pour la Eternite",Jardin des Tuilleries, Paris, 2002

"Images de Byzance",Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris, 2001

"Lumiers sur la Ville" Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-arts, Paris, 1987

"Istanbul Gateway to Splendour" , Zamana Gallery,The Agha Khan Cultural Center, London, 1986
(later exhibited in Paris,Lisbon,Madrid,Barcelona,Montreal,Toronto by Unesco)

This site contains selections of the work by world renowned photographer Ahmet Ertug, whose camera takes the viewer through a fantastic world of aesthetics:Great architectural monuments like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the 13th century mosaics of Chora and the 6-13th century frescoes of Cappadocia, the sublime buildings of Sinan, 16th century Iznik tiles, Ottoman sultans' silk kaftans, the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, and Buddha statues from Musée Guimet are all photographed with great passion.

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